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E-RATIONAL's mission is to provide sustainable energy solutions based on common sense: No Heat to Waste! E-RATIONAL stands for a rational, logical approach of sustainable energy production... creating green electricity out of low temperature waste heat ... Reliable ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) solutions with attractive pay-backs !

Applications producing a continuous waste heat stream are prime candidates:

  • INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES (hot process water, discarded steam)
  • INCINERATORS such as municipal waste incinerators or biomass burning installations often combined with DISTRICT HEATING solutions
  • STATIONARY ENGINES and gas turbines (COGEN/CHP, Diesel and Biogas-Gensets, ..)
  • GEOTHERMAL applications

E-RATIONAL offers CE-compliant and almost maintenance free ORC Machines, with the clear goal to supply machines with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry. E-RATIONAL's team provides its clients with complete solutions, including design, installation, start up and full after sales service.

E-RATIONAL ORC converts low temperature waste heat to virtually free & green electricity!

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