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E-RATIONAL, a division of BEP Europe based in Bruges, is the first Belgian enterprise to provide the world with a compact solution for converting waste heat into green sustainable energy.

As a company, BEP Europe has 30 years of experience as equipment manufacturer for automation projects (such as Tire and Wheel assembling), end of line test equipment for automotive industry (such as Roll&Brake test systems) and industrial set-ups for reliability testing of vehicles (laboratory tests such as dynamometers). Determined to generate growth, the development of ORC machines was a logical move towards new markets. The experience in development of new products and the close cooperation with local universities were a good basis to develop the E-RATIONAL ORC machine.

The owners of BEP Europe NV operate eight main factories for R&D and operations around the world (in US, Europe, UK and Asia) and generate a sales turnover of more than $ 165 million USD. In total BEP employs an expert workforce of more than 650 blue- and white-collared employees. E-RATIONAL HQ operates out of Bruges, Belgium and has 7,500 square meter of manufacturing area at its disposal.

Our machines are environmental friendly and result from our team’s experience and expertise, acquired through many years of work in the machinery building industry.

We can offer complete engineering consultancy services as to advise how to realize a plant, fully satisfying our clients’ needs.

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