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Today’s society is based on fossil fuel. Due to limited resources, environmental concerns and volatile prices, new objectives came into the picture. Improvement of current technologies for making energy (out of oil, gas, coal or wood) but also renewable energy sources and sustainable energy production are the keystones for energy management.

The effects of global warming and the climate change have inspired engineers to search for alternatives. Solar, wind power and biomass are widely being used as alternative energies to produce electricity. Recently, ORC is more and more becoming a protagonist in this sustainable green energy story.

In spite of highly efficient processes, there is still a vast amount of energy lost as waste heat, even more than the potential of all alternative energy sources together.
The ORC-technology approaches these ideas in multiple ways: the reuse of waste heat to produce electricity, without burning any fossil fuel and emission-free, with a cost-effective result making it financially and ecologically beneficial.

This waste heat valorization process improves the overall efficiency of your installation and reduces the carbon footprint.

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