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We ensure a flexible and creative approach to providing solutions, always keeping in mind long term sustainability and ethics.

We strive for concrete results through a sustained R&D investment program in support of our ORC machines and its applications. Continuous cooperation and close personal contact with local universities, knowledge centers, first-tier suppliers, user committees, … are at the basis of rational and innovative new developments.

Currently we focus on
  • Optimization of the E-RATIONAL expander
    Efficiency - Maintenance - Working Conditions - Production / Assembly
  • Further development of simulation tools
    Taking into account more parameters - Allowing better performance estimations
  • Investigation of part load operation (down to 20% of nominal conditions)
    Prototype with hardware and controls for optimal efficiency at extreme part load
  • Development of ORC directly producing compressed air
    Concept study and prototype testing of an ORC directly producing compressed air
  • Study on alternative working fluids
    Optimizing efficiencies - Expanding working range - Ease of use - Safety

Future R&D projects will investigate possibilities for multi-stage-expanders - industrial heat pumps - heat buffering - …

E-RATIONAL is constantly scanning the market for new emerging needs. We are committed to detect these needs in an early stage and to help with ingenious and economical solutions when you need it. For us, open and unbiased communication with (potential) customers is essential. It is one of our primary sources of information and helps defining our future course.

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