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Cogeneration is a process that generates both electricity and heat at the same time. The benefit of this process is that the overall efficiency (heat AND power) is maximized therefore optimizing the fuel consumption.

GENERATOR SETS & COMBUSTION ENGINES The CHP-principle is viable for combustion engines fueled by natural gas, biogas, diesel or vegetable oil. E-RATIONAL ORC can increase the electrical efficiency and therefore the power-to-heat ratio of such micro-generation plants by recuperating the heat released by the engines. Diesel of (natural- or bio-) gas engines convert about 40% of the available fuel energy to usable power. The remaining 60% is lost as heat and in most cases can be considered as waste. E-RATIONAL ORC can recover this low grade heat, derived from jacket cooling and/or exhaust gas cooling and convert it into cost effective electricity. By introducing the E-RATIONAL ORC, there is an overall gain of 3-8% in electrical efficiency which is the result of the extra electricity produced by the ORC. Basically , for the same amount of fuel consumed (by the gen-set or the engine) the amount of produced electricity is 3-8% higher for the complete setup. Our containerized or skid-mounted ORC solutions are easily integrated as a retrofit to existing cooling systems valorizing the waste heat from jacket cooling.

BIOMASS POWER GENERATION E-RATIONAL ORC can also be used for primary power generation by connecting the machine directly to biomass-fueled boilers. In most cases this can be considered a cogeneration project, generating both Heat and Power. Using biomass makes the produced electricity (and heat) 100% green. Slightly increasing the working temperature of the ORC’s cooling water (while accepting a small decrease in power production) can make the cooling water of the ORC useful for heating applications, such as underfloor heating, heating of green houses or other applications that require a specific temperature. Such a configuration is a high performant set-up because all energy captured by the ORC is either converted to electricity or applied useful for heating purposes.

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