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These days, district heating networks are common in Germany and Scandinavia. Such heating networks distribute hot water to households and offices. The heat sources for the hot water are industrial processes and incinerators or geothermal wells.

Due to the changes of the ambient conditions between different seasons (winter vs. summer), the heat demand of the consumers changes proportional, resulting in a heat excess on the net. The excess heat needs to be cooled as to keep the factory-to-district loop stable, which represents an extra electrical cost.

By installing an E-RATIONAL ORC, the excess heat can be converted to emission free new electricity, increasing the overall efficiency of the system, minimizing the cooling cost and optimizing the use of the available thermal power. As such, the E-RATIONAL ORC can be the “handshake” between industry and energy utilities, and at the same time, support our future economic and environmental values.

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