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Also for low temperature geothermal heat, the E-RATIONAL ORC can offer a viable solution. Underground temperatures are less influenced by the seasonal changes because of the insulation properties of the ground. In case of geothermal heat sources, temperatures of the aquifer at a certain depth remain almost constant all year. Currently, BEP Europe supports several clients in the south of Japan for geothermal applications.

PRIMARY CIRCUIT A geothermal system typically consists of a piping network to pump up the brine from the geothermal wells. After passing a heat exchanger for recovery of the geothermal heat, the brine is reinjected into the same aquifer in order to create a closed loop circuit. The intermediate heat exchanger insures robustness against the salts and solids of the brine.

SECONDARY CIRCUIT Transferring the heat of the geothermal brine to a secondary water loop makes sure the geothermal heat is applicable for multiple purposes. In this case of geothermal heat at lower grade temperatures, the E-RATIONAL ORC will recover the thermal energy and convert it to electricity. The constant and stable presence of the geothermal aquifer assures maximized operability of the ORC during the year.

OPTIONAL CIRCUIT Even in this configuration it is possible to deliver the remaining heat in the cooling circuit of the ORC to heat consumers such as glasshouses and households. Such solutions are integrated in our Japanese projects.

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