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Many industrial sites have heat excess or waste heat to be cooled down. Industrial high-temperature processes use heat exchangers and coolers before process water can be recycled or discharged. Cooling is required for legal or technical reasons. This brings significant energy losses and high costs. With E-RATIONAL ORC a portion of this process heat can be transformed into new power production, whilst at the same time decreasing cooling costs. Some examples are described here.

Multiple processes produce exhaust gases at high temperatures. These applications require either quenching, air injection or other technologies to cool the flue gas. By installing a heat exchanger with a water-, steam- or thermal oil circuit, the remaining heat in the flue gas is recuperated. The ORC can be introduced to this secondary circuit to recover the heat into electricity.

The walking beam ovens in a steel factory have a cooling circuit at typical temperatures of 74°C to 83°C. This circuit is cooled by an adiabatic cooler, dry cooler or cooling tower. By introducing an ORC to the circuit, the remaining heat is converted to electricity and the consumed power and/or water of the cooler or cooling tower is eliminated.

Numerous processes require heating up (heat-treatments, pasteurization,…) or cooling down (exothermal processes,…). These procedures are present in many industrial applications in food industry, chemical industry, etc. Also for these processes, E-RATIONAL ORCs are a solution to eliminate costs for waste heat removal and to recover thermal energy.

To recover waste heat in industrial applications, a water-, steam- or thermal oil circuit is required. Both centralized or decentralized integration of multiple units is possible. Contact our representatives to find out the most suitable solution.

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