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E-RATIONAL ORC units are built up with mainly standard components requiring minimal and simplified maintenance.

First line maintenance includes preventive actions that can easily be executed by on-site maintenance personnel. All procedures are documented and training of operators / maintenance is foreseen at commissioning of the installation.

Second line maintenance comprises follow up of the overall condition and performance of the machine and of the complete installation. This is simplified by extended logging and evaluation capabilities implemented in the machine controls. E-RATIONAL can monitor and operate the machines remotely to assist and advise in this matter.

A two yearly overhaul of the machines is to be executed by BEP assigned personnel. This overhaul includes a revision of the expander (installation of a replacement expander). The expected time the machine will be out of service during the overhaul is in a range of one to three days, depending on the conditions of the machine.

E-RATIONAL offers a full maintenance and after sales service: technical (remote monitoring and assistance), mechanical and electrical (two-yearly overhaul and maintenance interventions) and logistics (supply of spare parts and consumables).

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