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The E-RATIONAL modular and scalable design makes almost any kind of waste heat suitable for economically viable green energy production. The machines are skid-mounted to facilitate transport and installation on-site.

The variety of heat sources applicable for ORC are: waste heat from industrial processes, residual heat from CHP units, geothermal heat, excess heat from district heating nets, heat from (biomass) boilers,... E-RATIONAL offers a CE-compliant machine, with probably the lowest power production costs in industry.

The combination of state-of-the-art technology and traditional, standard components makes the E-RATIONAL ORC machines to what they are today: user-friendly, robust and economically viable installations. Consistent reasoning combined with proven facts has led to our E-RATIONAL product range.

E-RATIONAL has a product line for ORC machines recovering heat at minimum 85°C to maximum 185°C and an electricity production ranging between 55 and 800kWe per unit. E-RATIONAL is able to offer suitable solutions according to the customer’s specification of the available heat. The heart of the machine is the E-RATIONAL Expander, a very robust single screw expander, developed by BEP EUROPE’s experienced engineering team.

ORC low temperature
ORC low temperature
ORC low temperature
Advantages of E-RATIONAL ORC system
Recovery of waste heat: elimination of the costs for ͞heat dumping͟.
Reduction on the electricity bill: electricity generated from (free) waste or residual heat
No additional consumption of fuel or gas to make electricity.
Production costs for electricity are competitive: the technology is profitable even at lower electricity prices.
Electricity produced from waste heat is basically free and with a minimum return on investment: additional subsidy may apply depending on the application and the local policy.

The E-RATIONAL ORC is therefore a distinct power supplier offering immediate significant financial and ecological benefits.

E-RATIONAL ORCs have an almost plug-and-play installation and a low operations and maintenance cost while the uptime and efficiency is optimized.

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