Creating green electricity out of low temperature waste heat. That’s our business. We re-think your energy production and deliver a rational and logical ORC solution with attractive pay-backs. No more heat dumping. Our mission is to provide a sustainable energy solution based on common sense: No Heat to Waste!

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Your trusted business partner

E-RATIONAL is fully committed to deliver. We aim for satisfied customers through a personal approach, a full in-house service and proven technology. Every project is unique! All this makes E-RATIONAL a reliable, long-term business partner.

Proud Members of the Burke Porter Group

Burke Porter Group is a leading global supplier of intelligent testing, instrumentation, and assembly systems. Our family encompasses 40+ locations across four continents, with manufacturing and support capabilities across the globe.

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Our Products

Customer Applications

Whatever the application (industrial waste heat, district heating nets, geothermal heat or residual heat from CHP units), our ORC installations can easily be adapted to any environment. This is how we make a difference for our customers:

  • Machine flexibility when deviating from the design conditions
  • Tailored customer solutions to optimize the efficiency of the installation
  • Use of environmentally friendly working fluids
  • Easy maintenance on machines
  • Attractive return on investment
  • Energy optimization of the process
  • Providing on-grid or off-grid solutions

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Dedicated Services

E-RATIONAL has everything to deliver you a dedicated full service in-house:

  • In the pre-engineering stage, we can help you to define your needs on-site and to determine the most suitable solution for your project.
  • We provide commissioning services at delivery, including training and documentation, to make sure you feel comfortable at start-up and during operation.
  • Every machine comes with a maintenance program to keep it in perfect condition.
  • Need a spare part or extra service? Contact our customer service team for an on-site visit or remote assistance.

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