Below is a list of the certifications that we have earned for quality, safety, and environmental protection standards.

Certification 9001

ISO 9001:2015

BEP EUROPE is ISO 9001:2015 certified to guarantee the quality of delivered goods and services.

EU Certified Partner for Refrigeration Applications

BEP EUROPE is a certified company according to the EU F-gas regulation No 517/2014, applicable to all units containing fluorinated gases, installed in the European Union. The E-RATIONAL Maintenance Engineers are certified and trained to perform the required maintenance jobs on-site. As a manufacturer and supplier of services, E-RATIONAL is a trusted partner for the satisfactory and suitable operation of your machine.

For information, the frequency of compulsory leak detection on ORC machines according to the EU F-gas regulation is mentioned in the table below. Leak detection should be executed by a certified partner. The amount in CO2 equivalent is indicated on the nameplate of every machine. In case a permanent leak detection system is installed, the period of compulsory detection can be extended to the double. 

Nominal refrigerant content ≥ 5tons and         < 50tons CO2 equivalent ≥ 50tons and         < 500tons CO2 equivalent ≥ 500tons CO2 equivalent                     
Frequency Yearly check-up 6-month check-up 3-month check-up


Fgas emission
CE 029

CE Approved Machines

Each E-RATIONAL machine delivered to the customer is built and approved according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2014/68/EU). The CE-tag is mentioned on the nameplate of the machine. The notified body for approval of the machine is Apragaz (CE0029).

ATEX Requirements?

Does your application require an ATEX approval? No problem. BEP EUROPE has experience in building machines compliant to ATEX. Kindly refer to this in your request. The notified body for approval of the machine is Apragaz (CE0029).